Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Castle Freak (1995)

John Reilly (Jeffrey Combs, nervous-looking as always) brings his fractured American family to Italy after inheriting a rambling castle from a distant relative, some bitterly reclusive duchess. Reilly hopes the relocation will heal the rift between himself and his wife (Barbara Crampton, the Thinking Man's Scream Queen) following a car accident that blinded their daughter Rebecca and killed their son. Well, fat chance. Following the trail of a mewling cat, Rebecca uncovers a depraved family secret: the duchess kept her freakishly mutated son shackled in the castle dungeon, the better to administer daily floggings. Supposedly based on Lovecraft's "The Outsider," this direct-to-video release is thick with gore and sexual violence, this time sans the tongue-in-cheek perversion previously favored by director Stuart Gordon. Currently available only as a buried DVD extra, packaged with another of Gordon's humorless Charles Band productions, Deathbed. Enter at your own risk.

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