Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Slither (2006)

In this Lovecraftian homage to creature features of yore, Nathan Fillion (the 21st Century's answer to Bruce Campbell, and obviously having a blast here) plays small-town lawman Bill Pardy, charged with protecting the province of Wheelsy just as it comes under attack from ... well, let's just say a meteor lands and a bug with a mission -- a reproductive mission -- pops out. Freakin' alien terrorist cells, I tell you what. The alien critter isn't choosy for a mate, picking any target of opportunity -- in this case a town boss named Grant Grant, out in the woods with his mistress Brenda since his wife back home (the lovely Starla, who also happens to be Pardy's old unrequited love) won't give him any. Nothing good will come of that. (No, seriously -- nothing will. And that's not just a bad pun there, either. Although it does kind of work that way...) Anyway. Take a pinch of Alien, throw in a dash of The Colour Out of Space, mix in some From Beyond, next thing you know Grant has mutated into a giant space slug and taken up stealing raw meat. He needs it, after all, to feed to Brenda, whom he's tucked away in an abandoned barn while she... gestates is probably the right word. Taking a cue from Mr. Creosote, she soon explodes, unleashing an unholy rain of brain-eating space slugs. Something for everyone. James Gunn's witty script and direction targets the funny bone as much as the gross-out gizzard. A dud when first released, now a cult classic on the order of the original Tremors (1990).

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